Curi lagi tag

Aku rembat ni daripada blog encik thoyol yang telah direkemen oleh Ny kepada aku. BebIda: Gua belum sempat membelek blog ini lagi.

1. Sign's you are in a bad mood?

Me in a silent mode with my normal coloured skin.

2. Sign's you are angry?
My nose will flare up and my skin colour darkens.

3. Signs that you are shy?
My skin pinks up and a silly smile appears.

4. Signs you are jealous?
My skin reddens and I will be sarcastic.

5. Signs you are sad?
My skin bluens and I will turn passive.

7. Signs you are happy?
I talk, laugh and interact positively to anything and everything around me.

1. What is the color of the shirt you are wearing?
Orange and Black.

2. What if you were a shopaholic, is this statement true?

3. What if you believe in love at first sight?
I'd be having a new relationship every other day. In contrary I believe in lust at first sight.

4. What do you want to do now?
All the questions and answers for Anusha's trivia tomorrow.

5. What is in your heart now?
Muscle, veins and blood.

1. When were you born in this world?
On a Saturday morning.

2. When is the best moment in your life?
When I realized my mother loves me very much despite me being the juvenile delinquent daughter in my teens.

3. When were you scolded by your parents?
The last time I went balik kampung.

4. When was the last time you ehem ehem?
Ehem Ehem? Which Ehem Ehem agaknya ni ya?

5. When will you get married?
Before my eggs dry up and while I am able to carry a baby. I hope my womb is adequate enough to carry a baby one day.

1. How do you respond when someone hurts you?
Mostly I will retaliate immediately but the severity of it depends on who that person is, like if its Ny then I will respond directly, if its my office mate I will do it subtle-ly but if its Shimmy the homemate I will do it behind the scenes only.

2. How do you react when people call you good looking?
Blush and say thank you. There is no use denying it because Allah cipta makhluk dia semua lawa dan cantik belaka dalam apa jua bentuk/rupa.

3. How do you react if your friend leave you out cold?
Ignore that friend as long as I can and as time goes by maka lupa la and be friendly again.

4. How do you react if someone does not like you?
If he/she is in my badass list I will hate him/her back but if we don't have any history whatsoever then just have to ignore it.

5. How do you react if you were surrounded by fire?

6. How do you react if you are alone?
React normally. Fill my aloneness with: talk to the plant, swim with the dead goldfish and reminisce old times with my late hamsters. Or I'd be reading a book, sleep and wake up at odd hours to watch tv and eat for survival.


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