My first art post in here! : I draw princesses

I can't remember the first time I started drawing, maybe from the time when I can hold a pencil with ease. But my first and last public foray into drawing was when I was in kindergarten held in the Johor Bahru Zoo. Me and several kindy mates were entered by our dear Cikgu Azizah and Cikgu Rubiah. I used crayons to draw two tigers in a zoo compound with a brick wall in the back and some trees. My teacher made me pratice drawing the tigers everyday before the competition. And everytime I drew them I think it came out looking different.

During those times me and my younger sister also have a huge interest in princesses and we drew a lot of princessess in our unused exercise books. Do you remember the paper dolls which were sold for 20cents a piece which has a huge collection of clothes to wear? My inspiration for the princessess gown also came from these dolls' dresses. Their dresses have a lot of ribbons and lace motifs and the colours are vibrant.

I drew this in Paint an hour ago. This lady's dress is plain because it's hard to draw using the touch pad of a laptop. I hid her hands behind her dress because I don't know how to draw hands/fingers.

Imagine, I last drew something on a computer like 10 years ago. On paper? Kadang-kadang when the mood comes.


azyze gomez said...

ko memang dari dulu berbakat...
aku ingat lagi, ko suka doodle-doodle (walaupun orang ko mesti kurus hehe). you even did a caricature of me, ko pos kat aku masa ko blom sambung degree.
and that small pouch yang ko sulam bunga tu, yes i still have em :)

mizzy N said...

thanks for the memories ely. Dah lama tak mendoodle dah... windu zaman2 tu.