Baby dumping case even during Ramadan

This post contains rage fest words so be caution. You can now say bye bye or read on.

So crime happens all the time. A holy month like Ramadan does not make people refrain from doing bad things like dumping their babies in the trash. Sighh... I wonder what type of person throws away their baby away like that. How do they spend 9 months carrying a baby and despising the baby so much that they threw it away as soon as it arrived. From this aspect maybe abortion seemed like a much more reasonable thing to do than killing it after it is 100 percent complete. But after reading an article and looking at how they snip the foetus into pieces to expel it from the womb, even abortion is a cruel thing to do. In this context I jump from being anti abortionist to pro choice.

Just google Malaysian online newspaper about baby dumping and there are plenty to read about. The most horrifying things are the pictures of course as pictures tell a thousand tales. The dead babies with insect bites, head injuries and bloated bodies make your appetite say bye bye. Luckily I saw it a few a days ago when I was fasting so no need to form a search party and find my appetite.

I salute the parents who sent their baby to the baby hatch. They are responsible enough to accept that the baby needs to be tended and not be abandoned. A baby can't run within hours after birth like animals do nor has it egg yolks which can sustain itself in the few days after birth. They are designed to be dependent on other humans. That's what your breasts are for young ladies, not just to be massaged by your hormone ravaged boyfriend during playtime. Suckle your babies not just suckle your useless dumbass boyfriends.

Years ago I watched a Tamil movie about a young mother who gave birth and the baby was taken away by her family and given to someone who has no child. In the middle of the night the mother woke up and realized that her breasts are leaking. She cried because she never had the chance to cuddle her baby nor breastfeed it. For the mothers who dump their baby, how do they feel when they are alone with their feelings? More alive because the burden has passed or sleepless nights of torture, or longing for the baby?

I am not a big fan of babies right now as I don't really know what to do with them. I never had a chance to tend babies as my only younger sister is only 2 and a half years younger than me. Then I went to boarding school and spent months away from home, when I am home there were no babies available. But I think if I ever have an illegal baby I won't throw it away. I'll drop everything in my present life and run away to a pregnant woman shelter maybe. I'd rather build a new life around the baby than leave it to death.

But be warned that when I have one of my own or maybe if I have to adopt one someday , I will give all my love to her/him. Babies are fragile and it needs all the love it can get. My future baby I will love you with all my heart when you finally arrive in my hands. Baby, baby, baby, uuuuuuuuuu.

Hmmm, that is easy to say now. I am married and have gone past the chances of having illegal sex and hormone raging fest. I tell u when you court the same guy for 6 years there is always the chance of doing the 'horizontal tango'. But somehow we never did anything like that and I thank my mother for instilling those morals in me. I may not be the best virgin in the world then but I keep reminding myself about the consequences of 'dancing without the actual rhythm' every time I when on a date with him. But he is also one cooperating dude always keeps things in check and balance. Thanks for that babe.

Most times I told myself that a baby born out of wedlock will lead a tough life because of her or his origins, and I have no right to put such a huge burden on a child's head. And I am afraid I will hate that child if he/she is conceived out of wedlock and seeing her as an evidence of my sin will make me treat her badly for the rest of her life. Stupid thoughts someone may say but it saved me from myself and saved an 'unexisting' child maybe.

A recent report said that near 500 baby dumping case has been reported since a few years back and from that number more than 200 babies were found dead. This is a gruesome statistic and with every death there is a pair of murderers behind it, the father and the mother. They should be treated like murderers according to how they left the baby to death. Even if the baby is not dead and survived they are still attempting murder and that is sad.

Sad sad sad. Ok I'll rage another round in part two. Time to break fast now. Bye bye.


@cu SaYaNg said...

makin sakit ati skrg nie bila setiap kali baca paper atau tgk berita kt tv...geram..memang patut pun kerajaan buat hukuman bunuh tu..

azieazah said...

Bagi pendera bayi pulak, kita ramai2 dera depa balik, pastu baru kita pancung depa!