You can all go f*** yourselves

The baby is considered an evidence of sin and so thrown away hoped to be never revealed
The mother is the sinner who walks away and hopes that everything will be normal again
The father is the bastard who sows his seed but destroys the crop he has proudly yield
Because what they did is the ultimate sin, die you bastards, go die and go f*** yourselves till the sun shines no more
maaplah pose2 ni duk sbut f word itu.
yang penting menyampah aku.


azieazah said...

Sabar bebanyakkk.. urut dada. Nanti berbuka minum air bebanyak. :)

Au and Target said...

People do strange things when they're afraid. And given that 3 women were beaten by the court earlier this year for having sex outside marriage, I don't think this encourages girls to speak out. It's a tragedy.