Vampire Sux - my review

In a review I read recently in The Star (Malaysia) paper the writer questioned about the target audience of the movie. The movie is titled "Vampire Sucks" and is 90 percent lampooning the Twilight so it must be aiming at people who hates the Twilight movies. He also said that since anti-Twilight don't watch the movie they will probably not notice the quirks of the movie like how Becca speaks with " constant Emo pauses and stupid angst ridden performance" as one IMDB user states it. I haven't found the article yet, I'll attach it later.

However he had not thought of people who are open to watching all kinds of movies hahahhahahahahha, like ME! I watched all three Twilight movies in the cinema and read the first two books but I resented the movie too. It was too mushy for my liking, like how a 14 year old girl thinks and surprisingly it became the hottest movie of the decade. One man's poison is another man's snack kot.

Vampire Sucks contains everything one knows about Twilight, it has the angsty Becca, the blinged Vampire Edward, the wolfboy Jacob who often bares his chest because of his contracts, the clueless Becca's father and the perfect looking Sullens.

The director did it the easy way by using the Twilight movie template and putting their ideas in it making it their own. At one point the movie feels like Twilight and i almost feel the loneliness of Becca when she lost Edward. Hahahhahahahhahahaha. That's gross.

Ok. If you are looking for a hilarious movie but never watched Twilight then you would probably be lost on some of the things spoofed in this movie. We laughed heartily just by noticing the Becca's " constant Emo pauses and stupid angst ridden performance" hahhaha. She had the voice and perfected the art of Bella Swan's movements in Twilight. That alone made us laugh. But then one can't actually judge how an audience sees a film. Like the malay saying "lain padang lain belalang, lain orang lain ragamnya" which means "Different field has different grasshoppers, diffferent people has different habits". So watch it at your own risk hehe.


Au and Target said...

I will look out for it. Like the Twilight books so will like this.