Pictures from my wedding day

Showing respect to my husband right after we became husband and wife

The tok kadi briefed us on marriage life and then told us to get our marriage license from the religious department after two weeks time. He also jokingly said to go get our marriage license together with my sister who was married a year ago but who have not taken her license yet.

Bersanding. Symbolically we became the king and queens of the day

My wedding shoes.

On our way for our outdoor photoshoot after the wedding party.

My garden inspired pelamin.

Right before I bersanding with my husband. The pengapit and tukang kacau covered my face and made the groom undergo some minor tests before he can sit beside me happily.

I am very thankful for each and everyone of them who were involved in my wedding day.
I love u all.


intan izani said...

eh, dah kawen eh
tak tahu pun
tahniah ye!
semoga bahagia hingga ke syurga
dan dikurniakan zuriat yg sehat sempurna...

nooreen.rahman said...

cantik!!!! tak sabar nk tgk rara jr pula. ;)

Sherry said...

congrats :D

Byha said...

i <3 u 2

DrSam said...

sempat lagi tembak dengan kamera tu :)

selamat menyambut Ramadan al-mubarak bersama suami tersayang!

Au and Target said...

Congratulations Mizzy! Wishing you a lifelong happy marriage.

Hey, this respect thing goes both ways, right? With your new hubby promising the same back to you???

@cu SaYaNg said...

cantik nye pelamin tu...
semoga berkekalan hingga akhir hayat...

yoon see said...

Love you too Mizzyn. I wish you all the best yeah.
Happy wedding as always.

You look so preety and happy here, I hope you always find joy in all your work and play!

mizzyN said...

intan izani, hahha, ke awak dah lama x jenguk sini? ada je saya sebut pasal nak kawin sebelum ini.

nooreen, aku pun sabar nak tengok ko kawin. :)

sherry, thanks.

byha, i love u 3 4 5.

dr sam, kamera terchenta usah tertinggal.

au and target, of course. that is what marriage is all about. two way relationship. hehe

acu sayang, itu hasil pilih2 bersama my bestie aka my wedding planner.

yoon see, thanks dear.