1.Blog 2.FB 3.Friendster

Can I live without my blog, friendster or facebook? Yes, I could but I assume the first six months of adjustment will be hard. On the other hand living without the Internet or pc will be a complete nightmare. I can't go back to scouring libraries for ten bibliographies that a report needs. Furthermore I have become attached to any comfy keyboard to write things and those small pocket notes are now replaced by my handphone.

An old classmate/friendster/FB mate comments to a friend that I have a lot of time searching for friends on facebook. Well Mr Sam, they are not that hard to find as I know their full names, had to memorize them a long long time ago. I know Sam actually wanted to say that I have so many free time to be on facebook unlike him who is a busy PR person. WHATEVER, as KL would say.

Last night I realized that blogging has become the popular culture, everybody has a somewhere. I created mine and its me-centric. I am happy that I can do whatever I want with it. A blog is a personal domain but read by many so I try to adhere to some aku janji I signed before and go where my moral compass points too.

As of this moment I am braving away from Facebook and Friendster. I plan to indulge them every three days unlike last week where I logged on FB three times on a day.

Since Saturday, I started resenting Facebook. I hate those threads in the message box where if we mistakenly reply 'to all' our message can be read by everybody in that thread. Usually its people who wants my address to send walimatulurus card who use this thing. I just discovered recently that everybody can see my address and the realisation and hate heightened when I received a chain mail. This chain mail exclaims first of all that he/she did not believe in MLM but he tried this chain mail method and was receiving thousands by the month. Modern day derma ikhlas wants me to deposit an amount into their accounts and I threw the proposition into the dustbin. To hades you go! Oh and I blame my ignorance of facebook that someone got hold of my address.

I love/hate facebook. My friendster remains my most non-offensive networking tool. But I am crazy about blogs. Better be reading someone else's online drama than gawking a half hour of screaming hysteric banshee, ladies with transvetite makeups and over the top gestures. Are all lady characters on television with heavy make ups emulating pondan?

I love my blog. I am obsessed. I am infatuated.

PS: I hate derma ikhlas escorts who guides the 'bait' from table to table but when he arrives at my table he quickly averts his eyes and turn ignorant. Konon wants to say "I am not involved so talk to this visionly-challenged guy and ignore me". Demn you, talk to me you man/woman! Look me in the eyes and read my lips "i decline to depart with my money, farewell." On another note, Beyonce seems like a Hollywood version of Tok Tie (Malaysia). Siti sings major tv drama songs, graces most award shows and so does Beyonce. Last year Beyonce is everywhere!


ouT oF My MinD said...

facebook suck. frienster old skool. myspace web 4 whoring. blog is da best..

mizzy N said...

ya, ko betul out of my mind!

ouT oF My MinD said...

baru tau alwayz right