Happy Birthday Dear Lin

Happy quarter century to Lin W!
Seen here with NY who is so out of her mind.
I was the one who took this photo hence my absence. Ey, this pic was edited to confuse the readers (kononnya).

Lin was my former office buddy in KL who is now
with the southern pearly station, JOHORfm.
You can see her smiling enthusiastically in this ad.

May you grow old and be jolly dolly.


ps: dah tua oi!


azyze gomez said...

posting baru 'sila sambung cerita' sudah aku taipkan di blog. sila participate seperti biasa :)

mizzy N said...

ye azyze. i'll be there asap.

ouT oF My MinD said...

appy bufday linz

Eliz said...

hheeheh aku tgk jam tangan and kaler kulit... mmg sah tau its NY!

ahahahah happy bestday to ur friend lin

viiqo. said...

de lo que me pusistes entendi que me dijistes que no entendes el mundo en el que vivo algo asi porque mi foto esta triste ... y lo demas no lo logre entender :S asiiqe si podes esplicarmelo mejor :)

mizzy N said...

aku translate apa yg viiqo ni kata tapi aku agak dia tak paham kenapa gambar pertama ni buruk giler.

viiqo: From what I understand pusistes I dijistes not understand the world I live in something like this picture because my sad ... and the other does not understand: S asiiqe if you can explain better:)