Random pics from SP and B of Qedah.

Hello, peace upon to you. It's 3 something in the morning but my hands itched to blog. So here are random pictures from my adventures in Sungai Petani and Baling. I was there courtesy of my 'reporter' friends who were in Bukit Selambau for the by-election. As for me, it's been dull in KL so when the chance to Baling came I just had to say YES.

I was waiting for my pal outside this shop when I took this. The dolls hanging from the ceiling are super creepy to me especially after a similar doll was linked to a famous kidnapping incident. Back in 2000, a friend also received a similar dolll from her chat friend. This friend is lanky and about 1.68 cm tall. Me and my dormmates kidded that maybe the chat friend knew how she looked like and bought a doll resembling her.

This is a cute surprise from Sungai Petani. My lunch only cost RM2.20 which is super cheap compared to KL/JB. My meal consist of rice, two small fried fish (It's Sela Kuning kot), kangkung and papadom. I know my meal looked bland and someone even said it looked like hospital food. I am not a huge fan of hot food thus the bland looking meal.

We dined at Radix Fried Chicken the night we arrived in Sungai Petani and ordered spicy chickens but the chickens were not spicy enough for us. I was also disappointed with their Aiskrim Pisang. What? Aiskrim Pisang? Yes, that was what NY heard from a lady in front of us. A local spin on the displayed omputeh name of Banana Split.

A critical but unique moment in SP was when the petrol needle reached the red zone.

The only moment 'schools' are involved in the political game are during elections, This is one of the 22 polling stations in Bukit Selambau but I didn't manage to catch the school 's name.

Enjoying the view of 'perayu undi(s)'in Bukit Selambau from the backseat. With 15 candidates there are plenty of them around.

Butterfly engraved concrete drain cover in SP.

Our witness said this car may have collided with another car before it burned. It was a fiery blaze but there was no safety personnel nearby but of course plenty of onlookers/busybodies. I only managed a long shot because my 4.3 years old digicam was slow to response on a drive through shoot. I think it's time I survey for a new compact camera.

ps: My frens told me a company set up a chain of hotels around SP with the name WIFI, 3G and SMS. I only saw the wifi and 3g but not the sms one. Cute.

Kancing butang baju tidurlah, ngantuk to the maksimus.


Eliz said...

erkkk.. tht doll creeps me out! Its like ghost story-child's play... takuttttt

mizzy N said...

ye, super creepy. patut diban aje daripada di display.

ida said...

thanz bebanyak sbb sangup stay up all da way from kedah to kl....layan je aku ngarut.
kalau tak...mau aku pun join sekaki tido...huhuhu

mizzy N said...

thanks gak ajak aku gi Baling untuk menghabehkan duit bersopping.