Three things I regretted not saying.

1. My female friend asked me to accompany her to meet a guy Internet friend whom she never met before and although I was reluctant I still went with her. So we met him in front of the rented building where our class was held (safe la konon). Upon meeting I quickly sized this guy up. He has thick moustache and looked like a mean Magnum PI (Tom Selleck). In mere minutes he said he wanted to be her boyfriend and she agreed. Then she started listing all kinds of things she expected from the 'relationship' and even started referring to herself as Ayang. I was disgusted and walked away, but not too far as to keep an eye on her.

I regretted not saying to her "are you really that desperate that you are hooking up with a guy you just met 5 minutes ago?" And adding to that I also wanted to say "Stop this crap about meeting guys online and start living realistically."

A week later she told me that this guy was already engaged and about to get married. He was obvioulsy only fooling around with my friend. I pity her and I regret not saying anything.

2. I was the secretary of a meeting held about a year ago. This meeting was chaired by the Big Boss of the building and all the members were small bosses of units operating in the building. In one agenda, one Small Boss informed that one of her subordinates (Sub) was away on a Japanese language course for two weeks. Upon hearing this the Big Boss said that the Small Boss shouldn't send her Sub to that course which has no benefit whatsoever to our line of work. Big boss added that as bosses they should be sending their subs to courses that can enhance our work performance.

I regretted not saying "Big Boss, what you said is not true. This Japanese course is relevant to our work because as communicators we have to be multilingual. Furthermore if the course is not important why do communication students have to take third language subject in universities?"

But I kept my mouth shut along with the Small Boss.

3. Me and a guardian were on my way to the school hall to fetch my PMR results. As my school is located on top of a hill we had to climb many stairs to reach it. On the last flight of stairs this guardian said to me "You won't be getting many As and the most you will get will be 3 or 4 As. I know that because you are not at all hardworking." I felt discouraged but continued climbing the last steps and rushed to the school hall.

With my heart thumping I opened my sealed envelope and at the sight of the results I screamed in euphoria. The teacher was shocked and the guardian looked at me with mouth wide open (I still remember the dumb expression on his face). I told him my results and he started reciting gratitudes to God.

I regretted not saying "Tell them what you told me just now. Okay, I may not have straight As and not be at all hardworking as you said but that does not give you the right to blow my bubbles at the most inappropriate time ok!
Who has the last laugh now hah?"

I felt like shoving this person down the stairs on the way back but I will be charged with assault but I am not hardworking enough to live life in reform school.


azyze gomez said...

jika ini adalah tag, aku dah buat dah bebeh.

sebab aku rasa aku juga ada benda yang aku sesal tak cakap.

Nombor 3 tu, kau pernah cerita kat aku. aku pun rasa macam nak tolak 'dia' jugak. tapi kalau auk yang tolak, ko mesti marah, kan?

mizzy N Naderiey said...

bukan la beb. ni sesi luahan hati.

pasal kes tiga tu, auk tu sapa? kurang faham la cik ely.

DrSam said...

pity your friend. Beware of a person who consider women just like a 'touch n go' card.

Tatersmama said...

I just came over from cake wrecks.. and I'll be back! I really enjoy what I've read so far.

mizzy N Naderiey said...

hi tatersmama,
thanks for visiting.

ouT oF My MinD said...

sbnarnya...byk benda yg ko tak luahkan. kalau aku nak listkan...mmg smpai esok tak habis baca.
dan kadang-kdang aku bengang dgn sikap mendiam diri ko.
speak up women...!!!

Eliz said...

regrets to me.. it had happened, and there's reason why it happen.. can't keep it too much coz then we cant see the beauty why it happen..

AchiQue said...

aku memang heran dengan orang yang cepat sangat percaya dengan cinta internet. tapi mungkin dia tengah 'haus' kasih sayang & attention kot.

orang dalam cerita ketiga tu kejam sungguh. tapi untuk balas dendam dengan orang macam ni kita kena buktikan/tunjukkan yang kita lebih baik & lebih berjaya dari dia. biar dia ternganga!

ije said...

diam lebih baik. =D

F I Z A F E Y A said...

have a fren with the same interest- chit chatting and meeting; but she's doin all alone. i wont say DESPERATE, maybe she want to accept by peoples. because she used to be very lonely without frens. kesian juga, tapi siapa kita nak bercakap dan menasihat org yg anggap diri sendiri ADULT. teenage girl age 14 boleh dianggap adult kalaudia sudah bijak membezakan which is black and white, tp perempuan umur 28 belum tentu 'dewasa' kalau hanya pandai membezakan warna hitam dan putih.

mizzy N Naderiey said...

out of my mind.
yes kawanku. aku kadang2 luah juga apa yang dirasa. thanks for listening.

ko sedih ya? i am here to sapot u darling.

masa cerita satu tu umur aku 18, jadi memang tak matang la. orang citer ketiga tu aku dah make peace dah.

diam lebih baik, tapi tengok keadaan.

tuler kan. nak buat cemana kalau dorang dah suke nak buat camtu. kite tak nak join die, die gi sorang2.

thoyol said...

1) Apa punya desperate laa kawan ko tue. Lawa tak?? Kalu lawa, meh kenalkan dengan aku. Haha..

2) bagus ko diam. Gaya boss ko tue macam tak berpikir panjang nanti akan impact ko punya future kerja.

3)Kalau aku, aku tepek result kat dahi dia. Haha..

mizzy N Naderiey said...

1) Hui diskriminasi rupa nak yang lawa aje.
2) Nasib baik dia dah bersara. Payah dapat yang cakap suka hati dia je.

3)Ganazz tu.

Hazrey said...

Mizzy: banyak betul your name ni. I was like who the f is this Naderiey, ingatkan tamil mana tadi..

anyway, good that you did not say anything to your desperate fren. Kalau dia tak kena, she wun learn. It is like picking yourself up after falling. But, buduhlah kan. Itulah pompuan sekarang, pantang dapat mulut manis. hahahah.. ok ok, tak semua.

On the big boss and small boss, ermm.. I was a PR Manager for a couple of public listed companies before I am back into writing, well, during that, I was telling (screaming actually, lols) my colleagues: fight for what you believe and stand up. If you need to be preserving prudent silence, pls do it in the toilet.

mizzy N Naderiey said...

silence in the toilet is specifically reserved for the teran kunyit session.
Points worth pondering. Thanks