Cuai by Butterfingers

One of my craze is listening to songs that lift me emotionally to heaven like heights, cehwahhh. One is Red Hot Chilli Pepper's "under the bridge" version by All Saints which if i am not mistaken was about drug addicts. Lemme check. Yep it is, according to songfacts.

"Lead singer Anthony Kiedis (singer of RHCP) wrote this ("under the bridge")
about his days as a heroin addict and the loneliness that went with it.
The bridge mentioned in the song is a place where he sometimes
went to buy drugs and get high."
- songfacts dot com

Another one is Fly Away From Here by Aerosmith. I credit Azyze for introducing this to me a long long time ago which was became the ultimate lullaby song for me. Now, another soul lifting song has crept into my mind and play with my emotions and it's Cuai by butterfingers. I can listen to it all day long.... The lyrics are sad I think but the song made me feel like I'm away on a swing, on a white sand beach wearing white sundress. Oh, I'll definitely be tanner. Not Michelle Tanner from full house, tetiba nak buat lawak nie.

Anyway, I still remember my close encounter with a butterfan. He was a classmate in secondary school and one day he sat beside me in class (out of nowhere) and started talking and telling all these trivia about Butterfingers, but I was a skeptic back then. Mestila skeptik kan sebab we hardly interact before that but years later I was absolutely hooked. Thanks Mr B for that moment in time.

Enjoy this cuai song rembated from youtube and the lyrics too. Frankly I don't understand a word Butterfinger sang until I saw the lyrics, be it my recent favourite 100o tahun, this Cuai, their oldies Wet Blanket, Girl Friday and definitely not Chemistry Between Us.

Cuai means Careless yek pada sesape yang tak paham bahse Melayu itew.

Lyrics from malayapark dot com.

Secara serta merta terumbang ambing
Tiba-tiba kacau bilau
Nyawaku melayang di bawah gerhana cahaya lampu neon
Fikiran mengamuk hati berkecamuk
Terpekik terlolong

Langkah kau amat licik hinggaku terpedaya
Batinku dipukau oleh sihir di bibirmu

Guna sebelum ia kembali guna
Sebelum tarikh luputnya
Egoku terhina tercicir di pinggir
Laluku tergelincir
Salahkah ku merasa serba salah? Ya?
Salahkah ku bermasalah?

Otak kau memang cerdik
Sungguh terperinci
Batinku dipukau oleh sihir di bibirmu

Untuk seketika kuhilang kawalan diri
Untuk seketika kawalan diri
Untuk seketika

Untuk seketika kuhilang kawalan diri
Untuk seketika kawalan diri
Untuk seketika

Untuk seketika kuhilang kawalan diri
Untuk seketika kawalan diri
Untuk seketika

The flirty heavily accented singing heightens the song's appeals to me.

ps: azyze, i have grown to love those "lullaby" oldies you used to dijay for me.


Eliz said...

aku tak berapa nak paham tapi aku nak gak letak comment kat sini hahahah

azyze gomez said...

i'm happy i helped you 'discover' some bands and good music, setakat aku termampu :)

dan aku gelak bila baca pasal Michelle Tanner tu, so ko tak sepoyo yang ko sangka heheheh

Salam dunia penuh muzika dari aku.