I solemnly swear that I will not buy any top until 25th July 2009 peace. I discovered that although I had bought many tops I had not wear all of them yet and so I am weaning myself and buying pants only. My unworn collection came from the penghabisan stok sale of Cats Whiskers and Blook. The tops were sold for less than RM20 each after 70 % discount and I just couldn't resist them sigh

Today until 25th July will be two months and a week long but I think I should be able to survive. One way to abstain myself from buying would be to not approach those racks of jackets, dresses and unraveling those folded tees and blouses. I guess if all goes well I would be a boring shopping mate, TOPS see you later.senyumkenyit


ouT oF My MinD said...

tak nak beli baju...ada lg satu alamari x pakai. nak beli seluar ngan kasut wedges sbnyak 2 pasang...jgn jeles...ahhahaha

mizzyN said...

OOMM, hahaha ko pun tanak beli baju juge ke? wedges mana tu, kat kedai n*c** kan, kantulll. aku stay with the kitten heels and flats. heels nanti2 la.

Eliz said...

tak nak membeli dahh .. tak larat & takdak tempat letak.. hahaha korg nieh mmg byk stok dah!!

ouT oF My MinD said...

aku haramkan ko beli any high heel or wedges.
berilah peluang utk aku rasa tinggi dr ko...hahahha

mizzyN said...

tinggi. tinggi. tinggi. lompat hari hari la OOMM :-P

yoon see said...

Wah! Kena tunggu lama baru boleh beli....I tak tahanlah but good that if you tak selalu pakai dan telah belikan?
I ada banyak baju dah tak boleh pakai sementara ini......I hope miracle happen!

mizzyN said...

yoon see

i try to tahan, minta-minta la boleh tahan ;o)

miracle involves hard work kan yoon see. hihi.