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Tajuknya The Game, aku bagi nama 10 ke 1.

Ten Things I Wish I Could Say to Ten Different People (but don't mention their name) :
1. I am marrying you and do it within our means, grandeur is passe.
2. Sorry I neglected them and thanks for the chance.
3. I like your lips they look yummy.
4. Where on earth are you and don't say I have forgotten you.
5. Wash the dishes lorr, the smell is killing me!
6. I am sorry, I never meant to hurt you.
7. I hope I can make things ok between us before it's too late.
8. Please let me have my chance!
9. Can you install Original Microsoft Office into my Leno and do it free of charge.
10. Thank you.

Nine things about myself :
1. I don't like to wear body hugging clothes like the sarung nangka type.
2. I used to wear L sized clothes but then I realized I can also wear M when even my big boned sister wears size M.
3. I never define myself as thin, kurus, keding or whatever that people define me.
4. I am not hitam, I am tan.
5. I love my friends who are few and far.
6. I speak in a way that people define as skema.
7. I love half boiled eggs.
8. People who meet me always underestimate me in certain aspects, and sometimes I like it.
9. I like colourful artsy things.

Eight ways to win my heart :
1. give and take
2. listen to what I say
3. honesty
4. be able to talk about everything
5. humour and slapstickity
6. seriousness and selambaness
7. humility because I am not so pemalu in certain times
8. cutesy , so when I am angry with you my anger subsides faster. ha ha ha, hey when you are a good friend you will become cute in my eyes

Seven things that always cross my mind :
1. when am i going to consume less sugar.
2. how should I prepare to be self employed?
3. will i be a good mother?
4. will i ever get my masters?
5. will I ever be related to or befriend a mega international star?
6. that girl's dress is cute, where did she buy it?
7. where is my handphone?

Six things I do before I fall asleep :
1. wash my face
2. call or sms my beloved
3. roll in my bed.
4. watch tv/ read paper, magazine or newspaper/ surf the net
5. close my heavy eyelids
6. fantasize about things that can carry me to sleep

Five people who mean a lot (in no particular order) :
1. la familia
2. my yayan
3. my current bestie
4. my bestie who is close yet far away
5. my boss, whomever it may be

Four things you are wearing right now :
1. spectacles
2. towel
3. sleeping pants
4. s@rung k0p3k, hahhahaha.

Three songs that you listen to often :
1. cuai - butterfingers, my current hit
2. kangen - dewa, recurrent hits
3. one sweet day - boyz 2 men and mariah carey, retro hit

Two things you want to do before you die :
1. be good with fellow humans
2. make peace with God

One confession :
1. I wish I knew how to use a sewing machine.


nooreen.rahman said...

hahahahhahahah s@rung k0p3k tak tahan!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha :D

mizzyN said...

hahhaah, geli nak kata cOL33, eh br@ pun ok kan.