Lucky Draw from

Frankly I never visited this blog until I read about it in fauzus' blog. is extending her give away until this 31st october so if you want to join this contest the details are here.

I think the blog's layout is very nice. The landlord's daughter's name is identical to mine so reading the posts about her felt kind of awkward hehehe. I haven't looked far into the previous posts and I will do that later on. I want to slim the chances for everyone there to win the lucky draw so I am inviting all of you to join it too.

The winner gets these. All so yummy and mouth watering.

Ok good luck to me.


5577 said...

Hi MizzyN,
thanks for joining! (
N is for Nadhrah rupenye.. huhu..

the lucky draw will be closed on the 31 Oct and the result will be announced on the 2 Nov.
Do stay tuned yea..

Thanks again. :)
Good Luck to u dear n take care!