Mata Raga

The day I met Yoon See we promised to wait for each other at CM's entrance. While we waited I looked around and noticed a lady taking pictures of the decoration hanging on the doorway. A minute later this woman spoke to us and it turned out to be Yoon See. If you visit her blog you can see that she loves arts veru much - Greener Pastures.

Usually when I follow OOMM update her weekly novel stock at CM we would have lunch at the rooftop food stalls but that day we decided to eat at the newly renovated first floor food court.

The new interior decoration is infused with traditional elements.
It's like sitting in a wooden house.

And meeting Yoon See also made me look around for these artsy things.

Just take a look at this lamp case.

If I flip it sideways it will look like an eye socket.

Double it up and it looks like a pair of robotic eyes.

This is dedicated to Yoon See.

Nice meeting you dear YS.


yoon see said...

Wow! Really nicelah mizzyn!
You are very artistc and talented too.
Janganlah segan, you are so kind. Come over to my blog on Saturday night, I will post our meeting up story soon.
Thank you for being such a great friend and I am looking forward to seeing you again and again!
May be we meet up every 2 months OK!

yoon see said...

I like the cool angle of the first picture..
2nd photo:I like the light effect peeping in!
3nd: Cool cool 3rd photo!
4th: Ha..Ha..I am seeing twins here!

yoon see said...

Yeah robotic eyes!
Great term mizzyN!
You are so creative...!
Dah memang!
Happy weekends in advance!

Why don't you participate in blog4FT? I must vote for you!

mizzyN said...

thanks a gazillion for the kind words. hehe meeting you has inspired me!

meeting up every 2months is a good idea there.

Blog4FT, I am still thinking of what to write about.