Photographer Wannabe 2

I mistook my photography course for Wednesday when it is actually today! So last night I dropped by my sis' house and borrowed her hubby's DSLR. Mine is still at the camera shop. nangih Bolum beli lagi pun.

Ok, let's jabber.

When I learned about still photography in uni the sensei didn't teach about photo size at all. My logic was to go according to broadcasting style. For example in broadcasting a person is videographed from up close or Extreme Close Up (ECU) to Long Shot (LS). The other typical shots in between are like Close Up (CU), Mid Shot (MS), Full Shot (FS), Mid Long Shot (MLS) and Extreme Long Shot (ELS). I am not sure whether this is already mentioned in still photography so please bear with me, bear no beruang, bear bertahan yek.

See here for adefinition of Videography.

Close up of a person is a favourite shot on television especially when it involves interviewing a person. You can see this shot used to death in human interest/emotional programs where they show close ups of people crying. My dear lecturer Mr Nik Ramzi said a not so good example of a close up is like this.

It is bad because the shot stops at the neck. If the subject is not wearing a tudung it will look like someone beheaded her. Thus the shot should not cut at the joints.
(Joints are like neck, waist, knees, shoulders )

So as an alternative one should crop the person just below the neck and include the shoulder.
I wanted to show the butterfly brooch so I stop just below it. Hehe.

As for a full body shot. Don't do it like this where the image stops just before the feet.
It will look like someone chopped her legs off.

Take a full shot instead.

Or just above the knees.

and maybe below the waist

At the waist, hmmm? I think not.
In the picture below the hands are chopped off
because the shot ends at the waist so in this case don't stop at the waist.

But it all also depends on how the subject dressed too.
On the other hand going against the norm is good too,
so go get out of your mind.
Think out of the box

Another thing is the looking room.
It is the breathing space you put beside the subject according to where
he/she looks or heads directed too.

This picture is suffocating because the subject is looking to
her right and yet the photo stops just before her face.

A little looking room will be good.

So if she looks to the right then there should be a looking room on the right.

Maybe like this too also can.
She jelinged manja to the back.

But if the subject crosses her eyes and be loyar buruk and says where should the looking room be, just leave her and go find someone else.

ps : Did I offend anybody by inserting this cross eyed pic? Just wanted to see whether I should be politically correct or not in this blog field.


Sherry said...

wahaha... so cute!

DrSam said...

nice tips on photography. Didn't know all those rules before. Main hantam ikut rasa je. Tq for sharing.

intan izani said...

haha, funny pics!

katztales said...

Hey that's useful stuff! And how on earth could anyone be offended by the strabos look?

We've posted a story to our blog today, so if you want a 5 minute read, drop by.

mizzyN said...

sherry, thanks.
blushing uuuuuuuu

dr sam
hentam also can, experiment.