Father's Day

Happy Father's Day Abah.

My father is 60 something and I can't believe how time flies. It's kind of scary noticing the people around you growing old and realizing that they won't be around you as long as you would want them to be.

I remembered looking at my late grandmother's eyes and seeing the wrinkles and the grey rings around her pupils, the characteristics of old age. It seems natural looking at my granny in her old age as that was the way she was when I started realising her presence in my life.

But seeing my mother's wrinkles and realizing that she was not as agile as before made me think about the time that went by and also the things I did to her. Somehow some of that wrinkles must have caused by me, maybe during my youth, worrying her remotely from the school up on the hill. It was said that 4o winces cause a wrinkle and that means 4o episodes of naughty Nadhs for every permanent crease in her face. senyum ros

pikir sambil: My sister said Crow's feet are cute, and only now I can see why. Think George Clooney.


Nessa said...

Hai Mizzyn!

Salam kenal :)

Your dad has a lovely smile, reminds me of my dad too. He's 70 this year. Wishing all dads in the world a happy father's Day!

Thanks for visiting and leaving your comment on my blog. Sila la datang lagi :)

nooreen.rahman said...

slamat hari bapa. ayah kau comeyl :) sementara masih ada ni, jaga elok elok tau.. aku tak kenal ayah aku pun. huuu hehe btw mintak kau sedekahkan al fatihah kat dia k? thanks.

mizzyN said...

nessa, thanks to you for coming here too.

nooreen, nanti aku sedekah al-fatihah pada arwah ayah ko ye.

Selamat Hari Bapa pada korang.

Eliz said...

weihh ko look excatly like ur dad! Happy father's day uncle! Heheh

mizzyN said...

eliz, kakak aku kata muka aku sebiji cam muka nenek aku - bapak aku nye mak. tapi mataku milik ibu ku.

ida said...

bapak nad sgt comei...

mizzyN said...

haha, tenkiu eberibody. biar aku blush utk bapak aku.

T.H said...

mmg scary I see my dad old and I sure hope he always healthy :) now he starts forgeting things :(

mizzyN said...

TH, oh my. old age slows everything down but not the time we want to spend with them.

yoon see said...

Wow! Your father don't look 60lah, MizzyN!
Nampak sporting!!!

mizzyN said...

yoon see,