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yoon see said...

Wow! You are so creative mizzyN!
The upside down "K" has turned into a picnic table.
Wow! Sweet moment outing with couple like this, truly unforgettable!
The strikibg blue mug make me smile:)

I like you use a thicker pen width for boy and a thinner for girl!

Did you just have a great picnic like this mizzyN? I bet you have...

mizzyN said...

Yoon See, yes I had a picnic like this on my birthday.

Actually i did not even notice that i did use bold pen for guy and thin for girl.

i wish i am rajin creative like u yoon see, my bones and me are a lazy team.

yoon see said...

Never mind, we all human being!
Just follow your moodlah, whatever that makes you happy!
But if you wld want a change, then of course you got to walk out from your comfort zone and the rewards also very pleasing:)