read malaysia at miecc

Tomorrow is the last day of read malaysia at MIECC. Read here for information : According to a reliable source there are 130 exhibitors occupying the 500 booths.

A view of the book fest.

We found oldies but goodies books at the DBP booth.

This one's illustration is so old primary school library.

for the love of books i bought this.

and I bought these too. They came from the DBP and MPH booth.
The malay language novels are all RM1 each, cheap!

Ida bought these.

I just noticed the CD. What is it ah?

Anyway I wonder why the novels are all showing their arse instead
of their pretty illustrated faces jelir

ps: i should be blogging about mills & boons next time since two of my blogger friends here read them.


yoon see said...

Wah! MizzyN mesti sibuk pergi book fairkan?
I malas nak keluar, actually nak pergi KL tapi tak jadi...

Banyak juga buku-buku, BM novels for RM1.00, super cheap!

Did you buy some back mizzyN?

mizzyN said...

yes. i bought five of the RM1s. I like to hoard books.

ouT oF My MinD said...

suka beli dan kumpul je minah nie. nak baca....hmmmm.....hmmmm....

doant ask me y aku suka romance novel. maybe aku nier versi romantik at heart tp never show la....hhehehheh

ouT oF My MinD said...

saja je aku amik pic belakangnye....
senang orng bca sinopsis...hehehhehe

mizzyN said...

senang baca dah susun cam tu, huhi.

yoon see said...

Wow! Not bad...
Great bargain!

mizzyN. I just replied the recent comments you all wrote on my blog!
Thanks for your kind comments:)
Pls. check if you are free!

mizzyN said...

yoon see. ok, i'll check then.

yoon see said...

I got your reply too mizzyN!