me mere mortal making emos

I like to emo, but only to people close to me.Hell yeah, happiness can sometimes be stale so a little drama is needed to spice up this life. As action speaks louder than words my emo act can also sting and despite that my father still tells people that I am as innocent as I look. On the other hand maybe generally I am that.

I am just substituting Monday Blues with Monday Grrrrr. Grrrrrrr... with a lot of rrrrrrs.

Right now I am still on a emo high. A shout out to my emo victim/friend

You don't have to put up with me for long anyway so this emo girl will soon go away. Furthermore I hope you get to further your study soon and beat those angry aunties and step up the career ladder.
Bye bye.

Oh darn if I continue feeling like this I might just end up like them angry aunties, only that my frustrations script will be a mile longer. Even after she had landed in a foreign land and started her semester I would still be babbling about what I could have been and could have done, things that I could accomplish and etcetera etcetera.

Adoi la, my mother's astro bill is smiling at me and I just hope that I can emo at it, let it be angry and desert me like AdibEdi will or won't do. But the bill is here to stay and so I'll have to reactivate my tiger account and pay it like the rest of us do. Darn.


katztales said...

When I'm bad tempered I cuddle the cats or go for a swim. Great way to release stress! But maybe a quiet bout of swearing in a private place like the bathroom will cure the emo? :-)

Eliz said...

sedih sbo sobb

JohnJenin said...

pakcik kalau emo pakcik jauhkan diri daripada orang supaya tak ada mangsa kena marah atau tendang dan terus masuk bilik air mandi lama lama.

ouT oF My MinD said...

arghh...benci...aku yg menjadi mangsa emo minah nie...

mizzyN said...

your cute cats will surely be a great comfort. thanks for coming here again. i just love your pets column.

sedih, meh lap dgn tisu.

itu la. patut duk jauh2 daripada orang. part mandi lama-lama tu kalau dapat bath tub bestnye lah.

ida@out of my mind,
dah sebiji lagi dusyummm. har hee har.